Life Is Great!

December 24, 2006

Wow, I haven’t posted here in a while, huh? Finally, a reason to pull out the ol’ Vim oxygel, and clean this place up. So, what have I been doing that makes me not post here in over 2 months? I will tell you. And don’t be surprised if you hear some of the most stupidest, and undeniably lamest reasons not to updates a blog. But bear with me, it’s been a tough couple of months.

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October 17, 2006


Time to Partay for the craziest girl in Brantford!

Everyone eat pie, and cake, and chocolate and drink a lot of Coffee and Chai!

Facebook. To join or not?

October 16, 2006

I’ve signed up for Hi5, Bebo, myspace (actually, only got halfway through the process), and some other online groups, but I dont think I’ve stayed up-to-date with any of them, except one. This one is called Facebook. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s basically like myspace, only simpler, and is very popular among post-secondary students. However, up until recently, it was only open to those with university/college emails. However now anyone can join. And I must say, it is quite nice. I’ve never delved too deep into Myspace or any other social networks, so I wouldn’t know if they have online groups, or a similar structure. Facebook is awesome in the sense that it’s a blog, a photo storage area, a guestbook and a network among friends. People from all over the globe use this, and it’s cool when you meet someone you once knew, or someone that you may have heard of.

Let’s just say, I have my qualms with Myspace (why do most people set their pages as black backgrounds? It’s so depressing it makes me want to cry). Also, Myspace gets really cluttered and annoying when trying to view it. The song feature is cool, but it just makes loading a page that much more of a hassle. And having a “top friends” list…seems kind of demeaning to people. Especially when you thought you were someones best friend, and find out you were beat out by ananymous_hatr2 (aka “That Guy/Girl”).

If you’re having doubts, just try it out. I know a certain Addicted Geek who seems to be enjoying it. He even created his own group to gather other addicted geeks! So just give it a shot, and don’t forget to add me! I don’t like feeling left out, because that is just ignorant!


Click Here to register to Facebook 

Article on how Facebook is more than meets the eye 

After you’ve registered, click here to join an awesome group.

Sunset Horizons – The Current Generation Issues

September 16, 2006

If you’re like me, then you are probably: Impatient sometimes, smart but lazy, confused most of the time, filled with anger, and going to go insane one day. But aside from all of those, if you are like me, you’re my age (16 if you didn’t know), and in High school, teenager-ing it up in school. Doing so, however, may cause harm to you, others and even those you don’t know, so please be careful. Anyways, I should probably explain what this is all about. Basically…I’ have a lot to say about things that go on in school. And most of these things, are negative. But bear with me here, you don’t necessarily have to agree, but, hear me out. My opinions will probably differ from just about everybody. So gather ’round, and listen in, on my issue with this: The changing attitude of kids in our school

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