Happy Diwali! (and some more stuff!)

Salmubarak (read: Happy New Years!) everyone! Yep, it’s a new year for Hindu’s. Hope you all can enjoy it as much as I do. Well, actually, October 21st was Diwali but…happy new years anyway!

In this celebration of the new year, I’m going to give you some links that have absolutely no relation to Diwali. But enjoy them anyways.

First up, we have an awesome retrospectives on Zelda. Whether or not you’re a fan or follower of the series, these retrospectives are great, and make you think back on how amazing Zelda truly was. So, check out part 1 and part 2 Speaking of Zelda, someone made a pretty funny Wind Waker video all about the Wii-mote.¹

Next up, is a site that I wish I knew about earlier. Bash.org is a site that takes funny conversations in IRC chat rooms, and displays them to the public. Check it out when you need a good laugh. Some people can be quite stupid/funny/sad. A small warning though. Things might get a little geeky, so don’t blame me if you are mentally hurt after viewing this site.

If you’re just trying to find something do do, this updated version of Pong will definately take up an hour of your day. If you just feel like taking up, say 5 minutes, of your day then you can be part of this: The election for the 7 new wonders of the world! (play dramatic music).

Oh! And if you think I’m addicted to the internet, think again. This article completely contradicts my life.

Now I must go sign some papers for some “clinic” to help with some “addiction” that I have.
¹ If you don’t know what a Wii-mote is, don’t worry, in the coming days/weeks I’m going to have many posts about it, so sit tight!*


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